UNISWA Vice ChancellorTo achieve its vision and fulfill its mission, the University attaches great significance to Collaboration, Linkages and Networking. The mission of the University of Swaziland is to achieve excellence in teaching and learning, research and research training, community service, provision of opportunities for consultancy, professional leadership and enterprise development in the contemporary context. The relevance of teaching, research & community service undertaken by the University will be greatly enhanced through interaction with government, development partners, civil society, private sector, public sector, non-governmental organizations, institutions, the media, individuals, regional & international organizations and institutions.

Strategic partnerships by nature, always have a reciprocal benefit to all parties, and this has to be acknowledged and nurtured. The University of Swaziland has strategically positioned itself through the Consultancy and Training Centre (CTC) to forge meaningful partnerships with the view to generate income and augment the financial resources of UNISWA, while providing an opportunity for staff to enhance their expertise by integrating theory, practice and application, through a flexible action-oriented and innovative culture.

The mandate of the Consultancy and Training Centre is to generate additional revenue for the development of the University through the provision of high quality consultancy services and short-term courses along business principles and through other innovative ways. These are the mainstay in which diverse resources and revenue are sourced in support of the delivery of high quality service and products. Do not miss the opportunity to link with CTC on line and find out more on the services it can provide you to enhance your professional growth and improve your productivity.